King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Programmes of Study


Pre-Prep History is largely cross-curricular and taught by class teachers. There is no chronological approach but themes are explored, for example, Under the Ground, Birthdays and Anniversaries, Children and Toys.

Pre-Prep History 'Off the Page'

Junior Department

Year 3 cover two units, taught by Year 3 class teachers.

Britain since 1930 - The Impact of the second World War

Ancient Egypt

Year 4 includes two units taught by a Year 4 class teacher.

Ancient Greece

Romans, Anglo-Saxons in Britain.

Middle School

Year 5 cover three units, the first two of which are closely related.

Vikings, Ships and Seafarers

Exploration and Encounters c. 1450-1550

Local History: Cambridge and King's, Town and Gown

Year 5 Local History Trip

Year 6 Medieval Realms integrated with The Crusades. Includes :

The Norman Conquest

Wales and Scotland in the time of Edward I

Black Death and Peasants Revolt

Year 6 visit to Castle Acre Priory

Senior School

Year 7 The year's programme integrates two units, which are treated as a single chronological whole:

Life in Tudor (and Stuart) Times and the Wider World, studied in term 2.

Britain 1500-1750. This is divided into two sections: The Tudors and the early Stuarts.

Year 8 cover one unit after completing Britain 1500-1700

Britain 1750-1900

The second half of the spring term will be spent on evidence work.

The last term and a half of Year 8 will concentrate on evidence question practice and on revision of topics for the essay question on the Common Entrance paper. Non-CE candidates will continue with their study of 1750-1900 and then on The First World War.

Year 8 Set Alpha 

Pupils learn about Britain 1750-1900 (see above) and in the Spring Term concentrate on approaches to scholarship questions. All children are encouraged to enter the Prep Schools Townsend Warner History competition and some time is spent preparing for this.

In the Summer Term, The First World War is introduced.