King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Pre-Prep Department

Children join our Pre-Prep Department with wide-ranging experiences and at different stages of development. As in all subject areas, we aim to identify individuals' learning needs and help them to progress.

In the early stages of developing skills in English and Literacy, it is important for children to be given regular opportunities for speaking and listening: to express themselves and ask questions, as well as listening and responding to their peers and adults around them. In addition to discussion opportunities within lessons, children are encouraged to share and talk about 'objects of interest' with their peers.

Children begin writing when they enter Reception. At King’s, we use a lead-in-line handwriting style, which means that every letter begins on the line. This approach leads children very naturally into a cursive handwriting style.

Children’s love of books and reading is fostered from the outset. Our desire is to create a life-long love of reading, and children have many opportunities to read and develop their skills, whether it be in practising letter sounds and blends; investigating a range of words to use as an alternative to ‘said’; or reading a passage from their favourite book to the class.

Children’s efforts and achievements are celebrated, both privately and publically in assemblies. We encourage pupils to take great pride in their work and to enjoy sharing their achievements with peers, as well as celebrating the achievements and successes of others.