King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Junior Department

Pupils in the Junior School build on the skills taught in Pre-Prep. Varied drama activities, poetry competitions and public speaking practice all develop children’s confidence in their verbal abilities.

In this phase of the school, when it is appropriate, pupils gradually move from a prescribed reading scheme into carefully guided, free reading choices. They are expected to read regularly at home and are heard each week by staff in school. Reading records play an important part in monitoring both the children’s progress and their enjoyment.

In developing their writing, pupils are encouraged to gain an awareness of, and adapt their style to, different purposes and audiences. Grammar and punctuation rules learned in Pre-Prep are extended and developed as the demands on children’s writing skills increase. Spelling is taught weekly in ability groups and children are given word lists to practise at home. Pupils are encouraged to develop a fluid and legible handwriting style, with the goal of achieving their ‘pen licence’.