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Department Aims & Objectives

Welcome to the English Department at King’s where we feel that the teaching of English should nurture the ability of all pupils to think and to express themselves, using both the spoken and the written word, in accurate and appropriate English. We aim that our pupils will develop a love of, and enthusiasm for, literature and language, thus enabling them to enjoy English studies, and indeed learning across the curriculum, gaining a real sense of achievement and satisfaction from their work.

Three equally important Attainment Targets are identified for English in the National Curriculum:

AT1 – Speaking and Listening

AT2 – Reading

AT 3 – Writing

In all phases of the school, our pupils are given opportunities to develop their skills in each of these key areas. Our curriculum is flexible and evolves so as to meet the specific needs of each cohort of learners. For example, in our Middle and Senior School, the program of study is reviewed and adjusted regularly in order to meet the entrance requirements of our pupils’ future senior schools and Common Entrance examinations at 11+ and 13+.

Programme of Study

The English Programme of Study at King’s is based upon providing an integrated approach in order to develop our pupils’ skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing. What is taught and learned is part of a continuous process from Reception through to Year 8 and beyond.

Throughout their time in the school, pupils will gain experience of a broad range of text styles from different genres and cultures, which in turn, allow them to become confident and imaginative writers. Additional activities, such as regular author visits, serve to further enthuse our children, and our well resourced library, run by our wonderfully knowledgeable librarian, provides a wealth of exciting reading material for all ages.

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