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Design & Technology


Our aim is to provide pupils of all abilities with the skills they need to face the demands of an ever changing, technological world.

The department has an excellent record for pupils achieving Design and Technology scholarships to senior schools.

Department Aims & Objectives:

Our aims, in the teaching of Design Technology, are for children are to experience the three main stages of creativity: designing and planning, creating from plans (as individuals, small groups, large groups, selected groups or free groups), and evaluating project work.

The design processes that are introduced and implemented throughout all project work play a very large part in each project within the Design and Technology Department. The idea is to introduce some of the many types of drawing and presentational styles. The use of many different materials during the constructional stage of any given project is actively encouraged, in order to help children to develop an appreciation of their varying properties. The final stage is arguably the most important: that is the evaluation of each project, encouraging pupils to reflect on what has been learnt, or what could be changed. Much of our project work centres on cross-curricular links in order to help children to form connections with other subjects. This is an ever-evolving facet of our Design Technology curriculum, dependent on developments within other curriculum areas.

Programme Of Study

Design Technology is important because of it is significance within the National Curriculum, not only as an individual subject but also when linked to other subjects.  The fundamental skills, knowledge and concepts of the subject are set out in Design Technology in the National Curriculum, where levels of attainment are detailed in order to moderate children’s knowledge and skill development. There are six areas that the National Curriculum requires to be covered between and including Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 3:

1. Developing, planning and communicating ideas.

2. Working with tools, equipment, materials and components to produce high-quality products.

3. Evaluating processes and products.

4. Knowledge and understanding of materials and components.

5. Knowledge and understanding of systems and control.

6. Knowledge and understanding of structures. 

The attainment targets are further described in the Common Entrance and scholarship syllabi for the main senior schools that we feed. 

Topics used to teach skills and knowledge are listed on the linked pages, but may be subject to change.

                                                     Links to Design Technology topics:

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