King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Year 6 Key Objectives

In Year 6, the language component of the course becomes dominant, and the learning of grammar more rigorous. Children are set in three groups at this point, based upon their achievements in Year 5. Our lowest set follows a Common Entrance course - Latin Prep by Galore Park, which includes a very accessible workbook. The higher sets follow The Oxford Latin Course. Whilst all sets are taught using imaginative and multi-sensory methods, the lower set is given more support and is generally smaller. We work closely with the School's Learning Support Centre in order to give further help beyond the class room.

All pupils learn about the following language topics:

· An understanding of grammatical terminology, for example. person, conjugation, declension;

· Present tense verb endings (1st conjugation);

· Irregular verb sum (present tense);

· 1st and 2nd declension nouns, including the 2nd declension neuter (all cases);

· Personal pronouns (nominative and accusative only);

· Simple prepositional phrases using the ablative;

· Splitting sentences into clauses and translating subject-object-verb sentences;

In addition, the higher sets learn about:

· Present tense verb endings (all conjugations);

· Present infinitives and imperatives;

· Irregular verbs possum and eo;

· 3rd declension nouns and 1st, 2nd and 3rd declension adjectives, including the neuter;

· Personal, reflexive and demonstrative pronouns (all cases);

· Prepositional phrases using the accusative and ablative;

· The identification of simple clauses, including causal and temporal.

All sets learn basic translation from English into Latin, in order to enhance their understanding. Background topics may vary according to pupils' set and include, Homer and Virgil, Pompeii, Roman gods and goddesses, slavery and daily life. Children also learn about the foundation of Rome, both from a mythological and historical perspective.