King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Year 8 Key Objectives

The syllabus in Year 8 varies from year to year, depending on the senior school destinations of pupils and the demands of the various scholarship papers. Teaching is differentiated and some will study more background topics than others (including Greek philosophy or theatre), depending upon their interests. However, language topics for all will ordinarily include:

· Verbs – present and past participles, middle and active, some tenses of the passive voice;

· Nouns – more 3rd declension nouns, including some irregular stems;

· Time clauses in the genitive and dative cases

· The genitive absolute;

· Impersonal verbs of necessity and obligation;

· Comparative and superlative adjectives;

· Pronouns - personal, demonstrative and relative;

· Indirect statement.

Following scholarship examinations, we study Greek poetry, mostly but not exclusively in translation, (including Sappho, Pindar and some Homer) and also a Greek play. Every 3 years, we arrange for those studying Greek to see the Cambridge Greek Play at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.