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Inspiration     Creativity     Experimentation     Reflection    Collaboration     Realization

Art is studied by all pupils in the school.

The department is a place where we like students to feel inspired about learning and experimenting. We celebrate pupils' work by displaying it in the Art Room, as well as in other locations, including the school dining hall.

Classes from Year 4 to 8 are taught, during a double period each week, by the joint Heads of Art, Claire Willis and Renee Spierdijk, in our spacious Art Room.

Classes are taught with an emphasis on practical demonstrations by teachers and the communication of background information using videos, books and artefacts, as well as through visiting artists and school trips.

Children are encouraged to be open-minded in their approach and, through a variety of projects, are encouraged to explore a wide range of techniques. We operate a 2-year rolling curriculum, in order to facilitate this approach.

There are a wide variety of exciting after-school clubs available, where our more enthusiastic artists can broaden their repertoire of techniques. We also invite talented and dedicated Year 7-8 pupils to an after-school scholarship class.

Our ethos in the Art Department is to encourage, inspire and motivate pupils of all abilities to be the best that they can be.

Department Aims and Objectives

1. To create an environment which promotes creativity and experimentation, where children develop confidence in their own ability.

2. To teach children to be observant of their surroundings.

3. To develop manual and visual skills, co-ordination and dexterity.

4. To encourage a responsible attitude towards using tools and equipment, as well as the organisation and maintenance of the Art Room.

5. To foster pupils' capacity to work independently and evaluate their own work.

6. To promote an appreciation of artists from around the world, both past and present.

7. To incorporate current best practise into our schemes of work and daily routines.

8. To create exhibitions of children’s work that are encouraging and motivating.

9. To create a department in which pupils strives to improve.

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