King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Staff & Governors

The Chairman of School Governors is the Dean of King's College, Reverend Doctor Stephen Cherry. He has responsibility for representing the School within the College; for day-to-day liaison with the Head; and for providing a direct link between School and College. The School Governors are appointed by College Council, and they have delegated authority from College Council to act on its behalf. They sit on 3 sub-committees dealing with the following aspects of the School’s administration: 

  • Finance and Estates; 
  • Legal, Administrative and General Purposes;
  • Education and Pastoral.

Fellows of the College form a majority of the School Governors, with appointed non-Fellow Governors bringing specialist outside expertise and advice. The School Governors report to College Council which, in turn, reports to the Governing Body of the College. The overall role of the School Governors is to oversee the well being of the School and its professional operation, including its financial health and compliance with all relevant legislation and educational ‘best practice’.

The School Governors meet once every term. The 3 sub-committees meet at least once every school term, and their deliberations and recommendations are reported to the full governing body. Additionally, the Chairman of School Governors will meet with the Chairs of the sub-committees as often as necessary to advance the overall governance of the School. In addition to their regular meetings, the School Governors hold a separate Strategy Meeting every year, devoted to forward thinking and the implementation of new ideas.