King's College School

Coeducational Independent Prep school in Cambridge


Our Size

Each September we admit approximately 36 children into our two Reception Classes and an additional 18 children will join them to make three classes in Year 3. The pupil to staff ratio is 10 to 1 in Pre-Prep. The junior form teachers are each in charge of a form, and from Year 5 upwards the pupils are taught by subject specialists with a Form Tutor overseeing the children's academic and pastoral welfare. There are other staff available for children to talk to (in addition to the Form Tutors) in case a child wants to talk about any issue in private. We also have a School Listener from outside the School who visits each week to see any child who wants to talk. Parents have easy access to the Form Tutors to discuss any worries and regular communication with the staff is encouraged.

The Deputy Head Pastoral works closely with the Form Tutors to support the pastoral aspects of the children's development. The School is keen to foster a sense of community spirit and the children are encouraged to be considerate to others.